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Career After 12th – Arts....

Career After 12th – Arts & Humanities Stream

Arts and Humanities Stream chosen in 11th and 12th Standard provide understanding of subjects belonging to broad categories - archaeology, creative writing, economics, English, fine arts, future and development studies, geography and geology, history, languages, philosophy, politics, psychology, public administration and sociology.

You chose this stream to open up wide career options for yourself. With the name of the subjects mentioned in above list, you can certainly understand the areas where you can work if you go for opting higher studies after Arts and Humanities Stream in 12th

Diploma, graduation or post-graduation options available for students of this stream, are numerous in number. Best option would to go for the area whose subject interests you the most. For instance, if you had great interest in subjects like creative writing choose the course from Mass Communication or Journalism. This will enhance your educational strength for the subject matter and will help you to build up a successful career ahead.

Career options after 12th from Arts & Humanities Stream

We area listing some areas you can look for as career options along with the names of available graduate degree or diploma courses available in India for each of them. The classification is made as specialized and general options.

Generalized Career Options

The commonly pursued courses by students of Arts Stream are general B.A. or B.Com degree. When we say general, they refer to course curriculum where students will get understanding of basics of all concerned Arts or Commerce subjects, unlike in courses like B.A. (Psychology) where only one specialized field is studied in-depth.

For more specialized career options, read this article further on.

Specialized Career Options

1. Anthropology : Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. It is a science which studies the origin, physical and cultural development and behavior of mankind.

Course Available: BSc. In Anthropology, a three year graduation course.

2. Archaeology : It is a branch of humanities study that includes human activity since pre-historic and ancient times by recovering and analyzing the remains found buried under the earth. In some countries, it is considered to be sub-field of Anthropology.

Courses Available:

1. B.A. Archaeology

2. BSc. In Archaeology

3. BSc. In Archaeology and Ancient Civilization

4. B.A. Ancient History

5. B.A. History with Archaeology and Museology

6. B.A. Indian History, Culture and Archaeology (IHC)

7. B.A. Museology and Archaeology

8. B.A. History

3. Public administration : It is a field which requires officers & public servants at various levels in government who works for development, implementation and execution of government policies. The courses available for this field cover subjects over theories of administration, public organizations, public services & constitutional framework.

Courses Available: Under graduate degree courses for Public Administration (BPA or B.P.A)

You can also go for BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration, which, though is less focused than BPA but makes you eligible for further entrance examinations in public services and Master’s degree in Public Administration

4. Fine Arts : Fine arts refer to visual creation, as an example which includes painting, sculpture, drawing, graphics, etc.

Courses Available: In Painting, Sculpture, Animation (BSc.Animation, 3D Animation, Advance Diploma in 3D Animation- Expert, Advance Diploma in 3D Animation, Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing, Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing, Advanced Diploma in 3d Animation, Advanced Diploma in Digital Animation (Diploma in VFX & Animation), Advanced Diploma in Multimedia, Advanced Editing), Photography, Printmaking, Dance, Film and television, Musical Theater, Theater.

5. Psychology : It is field of study where scientific methods are applied to analyze mental functions and behavior. It is a combination of various disciplines – including biology, medicine, linguistics ( study of languages), philosophy, anthropology, sociology and artificial intelligence.

Courses Available : B.A. (Hons) Applied Psychology, B.A. (Journalism, Psychology & English), B.A. (Psychology)

Diploma Courses in field of psychology in India includes Advanced Diploma in Child Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology, Diploma in Applied Psychology, Diploma in Applied Psychology. All Diploma courses being listed are of 1 year duration.

6. Sociology, Economics, Philosophy, History, Geography: The names of subjects mentioned in the heading must be sounding familiar to you since you have already taken these in your 10+2 curriculum. Now when you are concerned about making career, you may use these subjects as your future path ( only if these have interest you). Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.) offers 3 year degree course in each of these specialized field of study.

B.A./B.Sc. (Geography or Sociology or Economics or Philosophy or History) are well known courses to opt from.

7. Literature & Language : B.A.(English Language and Literature), a 3 year duration course can be pursued if you aspire to shape your career as story writer, poet, Linguist, editor. The degree programme is designed to teach subjects like Poetry, Drama, Fiction, Literary Criticism, Technical writing and Communication.

8. Law : Legal profession or work fields which concerned with maintaining legal practices is another great pick. Law studied to become a lawyer requires valid graduate degree offered at various government and private universities.

Courses Available : Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B), Integrated undergraduate Degrees – B.A. L.L.B, B.Sc. L.L.B, BBA L.L.B, B.Com L.L.B (All 5 years duration course)

Journalism : This field is all about dynamism and is a passion of many participants. You have always admired the super chatter person with a microphone who is reporting the happenings in such a style.

Being in journalism requires confidence, creativity, communication and some specialized traits to be effective in this area of work.

If journalism is taken to be studied in graduation, you would acquire skills and knowledge about communicating among masses, analyzing facts and fictions, general awareness, rules of reporting, etc.

Courses Available:

1. B.A (Media & Communication)

2. B.A (Journalism)

3. B.A (Journalism and Mass Communication

4. B.A (Hons) in Media Studies

5. B. A. (Hons.) in Mass Communication

6. Advance Diploma in Experimental Media Arts