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Science Stream

Science Stream

If you are a science side student, means you have physics, chemistry, mathematics or biology in 12th class, then you have lot of choices to build your career in different fields. Manyeducational courses are available for science stream students like BSc. IT, BCA, BSc. Animation, BBA, B.com, B.Tech, BSc., Hotel Management(HM), Biotech, Polytechnic, Forestry, B.Pharma, Pharmacy, MBBS and more.

How to decide?

You wish to select the best course out of long list of available choice. But the question is - whichone is best for you, among all thesecourses? The answer could be to select the one which interests you the most.And what if you have interest in more than one course? Well, we all face these (and many more) types of questions after completing 12thsince we all want to have a best platform for our career and to utilize knowledge which we have gained in our schools.

Choose Information Technology as a career

Do you admire websites, different types of software, games like- video game, computer game etc. and always wondered how they are madethen IT sector might be your field of interest. You can make your future bright by doing BCA & BSc. IT courses. The duration of these professional courses is three years. In these courses you will learn many languages like C, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, .NET, JAVA, SQL etc. These languages are necessaryfor successfulterm of your career in IT Sector. You will also gain basic knowledge about the computer such as its hardware parts or software parts, input-output devices, computer graphics etc. Both courses are almost samein respect to their course content but most of the universities set compulsory mathematics-as-a-subject-in-12th criteria for allowing admissions in BCA whereas there is no such criterion for admission in BSc. IT course.Both of these courses make you eligible to pursue yourMaster’sDegree Courses in the same field like MCA and MSc. IT.

Benefits of Information Technology

  • BSc. IT and BCA both are professional graduation courses.
  • You can make your bright future in IT sector.
  • Lot of companies like TCS, Infosys, HCL, Wipro etc.provides chance to their employees to go abroad.
  • You can also work as a freelancer for many companies, simultaneously and can make more money.
  • If you don’t want to work under any employer, you can have an option to start your own business.
  • By having good knowledge about programming languages, you will beworking on different job positions in IT companies like as website designer, software tester, software developer, database administrator, IT Consultant, Technical Lead, Project Manager, etc.
  • In IT Sector, salary for fresher maystart from Rs. 12,000 to 20,000. Many companies give appraisal to employees within six months of joining, based to their performance.
  • Since both are graduate courses, you can also apply for job in government sectors like banking, defense, IT departments and many others.

Animation & Multimedia a fun field to study:

If you have an imagination power, you like to do painting, love to watch animated movies and if you are a person with creative edge then choosing BSc. Animation as a course can be a great choice to express your thoughts. You will complete B.Sc. Animation in three years while learning software like 3D Max, MAYA, Photoshop, Flash to create 2D or 3D animation. You will learn how to use 3D effects, lighting effects, audio and video editing tools and make animated videos. This course extensively provides chances in working abroad and to become a part of large & medium scale media and studios.Master’sDegree course in Animation - MSc. Animation can be well pursued to open more avenues of career.

Benefits of Animation Course

  • BSc. Animation course provides opportunityin Entertainment and IT Industries.
  • Advertising firms have huge demands for creative animators to market their client’s product and services.
  • By story writing and story boarding you can explain the concept behind your creation or imagination and can interact with audience.
  • You also have designing jobsforprestigious magazines, poster making, graphics designing companies, etc.
  • Graphical games are based on 2D or 3D animation which opens an option for you to become graphic designer.
  • Animation is base of all animated movies and even many non-animated films in India ( likeRaOne, Robot) and abroad (Transformers, Superman, Iron Man). You can become a part of movie making field in film studios here in India and in foreign lands. Online work optionis also available for employees, in many studios.
  • 3D modelers can also work on Virtual Reality (VR) projects using 3D Animation.
  • Journalism (or place of work that uses cartoons to express opinions and thoughts to masses) is also the good place to explore your knowledge as a cartoonist.
  • There are many jobs in animation like as audio editor, video editor, stop motion animator, Flash animator, art director and many more.
  • Starting salary for the fresher in this field is from Rs. 15,000 to 22,000. With experience you will earn more according to your work and profession.
  • After BSc. Animation you have higher probability to do job in abroad.
  • Government jobs are also available after animation.

Management as a career

You can opt for BBA as a graduate course if you have inclination towards starting your own businessfield, working in marketingfield or HR (Human Resource – job position where you need to manage and handle aspects for employees of the company) field etc.. BBA is a three year graduate degree course.BBA will help you learn about organizations & their environment, basic financial accounting, concepts related to production management, research methodology, consumer behaviorand various other practical theories at workplace.According to the syllabus of Uttarakhand Technical University, in first two years of BBA course you will be taught common subjects of commerce stream while in final year you will make a choice of specialized area as a core subject to build your career in a particular field. After completing BBA you will have a good opportunity in government sector and private sector. You can pursue higher studies as MBA after completing your graduation.

Benefits after management course

  • BBA is a one of the best educational graduation course regarding management.
  • This degree has more value at international level. So there are good jobopportunities abroad after doing BBA.
  • After BBA you can have career opportunities in IT industries and government sector and as matter of fact, any domain of work.
  • You can buildup leadership quality, quick learning skills, decision making with time, business strategies and lot of corporate activities.
  • This course will groom your personality as you will acquire good communication skillsand confidence. These are important part in management field of work.
  • Having good knowledge of business concepts help you to initiate your own business ventures and can become a successful businessman or entrepreneur.
  • You will become a smart worker along with hard worker to compete better with your colleagues at your working place.
  • The minimum salary for fresher begins from Rs. 12,000. Salary will increase as you spend more time with the organization.
  • Job positions after BBA in different fields can be team leader, marketing manager, human resource manager, system analyst, project manager, finance manager etc.
  • Higher Degree Distance Education is also available with job.

Career in Bachelor of Commerce

You did 12th from science stream and now you want to join a sector that related to commerce in terms of business transactions, financial matters, etc. then B.Com is a good choice of course to take on. B. Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is a full-time or part-time undergraduate course of three years duration. You will learn managerial skills to compete in global market after doing B. Com.Major subjects which you will study are accountancy, statistics, management, economics, law, finance, marketing, cost account etc. To enhance your knowledge in same field, Master’sDegree courses are available like M. Comand MBA.

Benefits of B. Com

  • This course provides job opportunity in various fields like accounting, finance, banking, hotel management, law, business field, management and in government sector.
  • Economic behavior will help to work on individual and organizational factors of an industry.
  • Communication skills, problem solving ability and finding practical solutions of problems will be improved.
  • You will also improve your managerial skills to a wide extent.
  • After B. Com there are various posts in private sector such as accountant, accounts finance manager, accounts executive, chartered accountant, financial analyst etc.
  • Starting salary in private sector is from Rs. 10,000 to 12,000.
  • Job in public sector are accounts clerk, accounts assistant, tax assistant, assistant collector, assistant registrar etc.
  • In public sector, after B. com you will get of Rs. 20,000 to 25,000 based on your designation.

Hotel Management: A chance to go Abroad

Hotel Management (HM) is a professional course which covers a wide range of job field. If you have interest in hospitality, food services, accommodation and catering, then HM is a good career option for you.More dedication, hard work and good communication with fluency are necessarytraits for completing HM. This makes English as mandatory subject in HM course syllabus. Hotel Management course is available at diploma level as well as at graduation level. Duration of diploma level HM rangesfrom 6 months to 3 years whileat graduation level it is of four years duration. Some subjects taught in HM are food production, housekeeping, communication skill, event management, human resource management, public relation, front end operations, accounting, travel management and entrepreneurial skills. You can get job in national and international hospitality organization, after hotel management course study. Master’s degree courses are also available in HM.

Benefits of Hotel Management

  • Hotel and hospitality industries provide wide & luxurious opportunities after finishing hotel management course.
  • With good communication skill you have highest chances to travel and work in foreign countries.
  • You can also cater your own hotel and can fulfill your dreams.
  • During job term you will interact with high profile and interesting people with whom you can develop a mutual network.
  • Different designations for graduates of Hotel Management are general manager, resident manager, executive housekeeper,convention service manager, front office manager etc.
  • At graduation level the starting salary for fresher is of Rs. 20,000.
  • After diploma you will get from Rs. 8,000 to 10,000 as a fresher.
  • Top hotels of India which provides job in this field are Ambassador Group of Hotels,

Best Western Group of Hotels, Casino Group of Hotels, Oberoi Group of Hotels, Fortune Park Group of Hotels, Welcome Heritage Group of Hotels, Taj Group of Hotels etc.