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Fees 25500 Per Year
Hostel Fees 1500 Per Month
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Bachelor of Science in Animation - BSc.Animation

Fees : Rs 25500 Per Year
Hostel Fees 1500 Per Month

3 year degree course from SDSUV (SriDev Suman Uttarakhand University)

ScholarShip of 15000 for 80% & above in 12th

Hostel Fees

6 Sharing: 1500 Per Month

3 Sharing: 2500 Per Month

2 Sharing: 3500 Per Month

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Seminar On SOft Skills
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This is very attractive and imaginative field of study. If you carry the power of imagination then this would the best choice as course.

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Add-on feature

Collaboration with reputed names of Animation and Movie Making industry that would give an opportunity to the students in this course to showcase their talent and assignments and get recognised, nationally and internationally.

What you will learn

  • Basics of designing like sketching, drawing, model sketching, etc.
  • Designing by use of software like photoshop, flash, etc.
  • Creating models with clay.
  • Writing a storyboard, animation character.
  • Creating motion pictures or animated characters.
  • Learning basics of 3D animation.

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Career Scope

What to say about Animation industry. Everyone appreciates the animation everyday, whether it is in movies, cartoons, games, advertisements, education, etc. All these and many others are the domains which would remain wide open for the students who will take on this course of BSc.Animation.

With its ever growing popularity, there is long-list of job profiles that one can aim for after completing this course. Some of these job profiles are :

  • Storyboard designer
  • Audio & Video specialist
  • Sketch Artist
  • 2D Animator
  • 3D Animator
  • Character Animator
  • Clean up artist
  • Film Animation Executive
  • Digital Media Entrepreneur  

Higher Study Options After BSc.Animation Degree in India

Major postgraduate courses that you can choose from after completing BSc.Animation are:

  • M.A. – Animation
  • M.A. Graphic Designing
  • M.A. Mutimedia
  • M.Sc. – Multimedia and animation
  • M.Sc Multimedia
  • M.Sc. Animation and VFX
  • M.Tech Multimedia

Prospective Employers in India

Animation industry in India is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 27% to reach USD 1163 million by 2013. (As reported by NASSCOM)

Generally people think Animation leads to Gaming and Cartoon etc. But it is much more like

  • Entertainment – Advertising industry, Movies, Video games and other similar entertainments field for designing character and animated videos.
  • E-education – Developing packages like concept of smart classes to provided animated lectures to students of schools and colleges.
  • web designing – Designing websites and portals in flash and using other animated character/design on website to make it more attractive and interactive.
  • visual communication – Any domain that required information sharing by means of videos and audios.
  • medical – To educate people regarding various medical diseases & conditions, specially catering children so that they learn with fun.
  • Defense – For presenting visually animated and well-designed map and location in order to strategize well for war situations.

Research Opportunity in Kalosoft Systems- Our IT company in India

Design and animation related work is always needed in IT company for designing and beautifying the software, developing projects on E-Learning, etc. Students of animation of Kelvin would be given a platform to design stuff needed by our software company, Kalosoft Systems. These stuffs may include brand logos for Kalosoft’s clients, sketch and animation for E-Learning package, and other similar things.

Real time work profiles after doing BSc.Animation

  • You can work for any industry that requires information sharing in form of interactive screens, animated characters, animated story line, etc.
  • If you have great imagination, you can make great career in character designing for example mickey mouse is still a popular character, similarly there are many unique characters in animation films like characters of Despicable Me movie.
  • Apart from designing, you can go for variation in video and audio mixing and inclusion in animation.
  • Bollywood and Hollywood is very attractive field and it will also give you name and fame in animation for your contribution as animator, editor, director, etc.
  • Learning computer animation software will give you opportunity to work as free-lancer and still earning handsome bucks.
BSc.Animation course value addition in true sense
  • Animation is ever-growing field since educating people through visually attractive images and character will always be on high demand. Thus you can take up the challenge and design your own character that can represent your name and with it, the name of the company.
  • Children are the future of any country. If you could able to teach them maximum with this interesting manner of animation, you can prove worthy to your life.
  • Giving life to objects and expressing emotions out of them is what makes the beauty of animation. You can also build emotions and imbibe moral values among people with your pictures and videos.

Papers Overview

BSA101: Fundamentals of Computers.
BSA102: Foundation Course in classical animation
BSA103: Principles of Animation
BSA104: Graphic Design
BSA103P: Principles of Animation-PRACTICAL
BSA104P: Graphic Design-PRACTICAL

BSA201: Elements of Preproduction
BSA202: 2D Digital Animation: Flash
BSA203: Introduction to 3D:3DSmax
BSA204: Audio & Video- Editing: Tools & technology
BSA204P: Audio & Video-Editing: PRACTICAL.

BSA301: 3DSmax Advanced
BSA302: Film making Basics
BSA303: MAYA fundamentals
BSA304: 3D Modeling: Maya
BSA301P: 3DS max: Practical
BSA304P: Maya practical_01

BSA401: 3D Texturing: Maya
BSA402: Rigging & Muscle systems: Maya
BSA403: 3D Animation basics
BSA404: Digital Compositing_01 (Adobe Aftereffects)
BSA401P: Maya practical_02
BSA404P: Digital Compositing_01: Practical

BSA501: 3D Character Animation
BSA502: Lighting & Rendering
BSA503: Maya Dynamics
BSA504: Digital Compositing_02 (Digital Fusion)
BSA501P: Maya practical_03
BSA504P: Digital Compositing_02: Practical

BSA601: Fundamentals of Game Technology
BSA602: Tech animation_01: Cloth Simulation
BSA603: Techanimation_02: Hair & Fur
BSASP: Specialization
BSAPR: Project &Portfolio development