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Dear Friends,

It has been more than 2 years since we started with our college and kept on trying to make it as efficient for you all as possible. With your co-operation and suggestions, we are able to provide you all the basic college education along with successful implementation of advance teaching ideas. What I am talking about is some things we thought we would implement and we did them successfully.

One such initiative is Kelvin Incubation Center. Our 2nd active part in this exciting and professionally-motivating session and earned their pocket money. I appreciate and congratulate them for being so confident enough to handle their job along with the regular studies.

There are more to come in the future. I and my team are working for creating a 3D animation studio which would provide a glimpse of practicality of 3D world to the students of animation (specially) and others as well. It would be great attraction and would be highly useable.

I have been connected with IT Sector (Being Director of Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) and loves to provide creative opportunities and platform to all that are part of my endeavors, even the students of Kelvin Institute. I am always approachable to Kelvinites for any of their concerns, their future dreams, initiatives, etc. This brings me closer to my students and I could easily judge what is expected by them; though I am designated to approve only the correct expectations.

You might never know what you are good at, unless and until you face the situation which compel you to perform. Let the horses of your imagination ride you to the place which is actually meant for you. I will suggest, allow the education flows through your mind and soul so that you could be in a better position to take correct decisions.

Have confidence; and it will automatically come if you are well-educated.

Mr.Ankit Mathur
Kelvin Institute of Technology