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Hello Students,

Welcome to Kelvin’s website. We have designed it to provide every piece of information related to your career, choice of course, its details, etc. If you have browsed enough our website, you will find that each page is ready to clear the doubts that are growing in your brain.

Being an Administrator at Kelvin Institute, it becomes my prime responsibility to portray all our college’s offerings, whether common or uncommon, before you. This is important, not for me, but for you. It is you who must be tired of hearing many higher study options from your friends, your relatives, friend’s friends, friend’s relative, neighbours, people you met in bus, etc. The issue is, each one them was correct because each of them have their own experiences & contacts. But again, problem arises for you.

I will try to help you out.

Wait, I am not saying I will also give you some options, but since I am also a Project Manager at Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the parent Company of Kelvin Institute, I might be able to put forward some new points, which others may have missed.

The major point is, does your chosen course make you what it promises to do? Like, if you chose BBA course and after completing the same, you end up competing for the same job that a non-BBA can also do, haven’t your vision betrayed? If you ask me, yes it is.

See, it is very simple, all courses are meant to give you knowledge about experiences of others. If you read computer science, you will study inventions and computer languages already built by others. This is how each study field works. But does that mean it is of no use. Wrong. It is this pre-designed knowledge that gives you base for creating either more advance version of things or sometimes, discover the new ones to counter-effect the first one.

My basic message for you all is: first choose what you think you can best study and then work hard to go beyond the obvious. We are really in a need of another Einstein.

Mr.Ashish Dhyani
(Chief Administrator)
Kelvin Institute of Technology