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Dear Students,

Education is what makes a man out of you. There is no limit of getting educated. You can start having your lessons from your family, then parents send you to school where you get less comfortable environment than home and learn to take decisions & face situation. The school provides all basics of education like sincerity, punctuality, obedience, history, science, communication, mathematics, languages, literatures, etc. All these are to broaden your thinking horizons. Next is the college life.

People say that college life is altogether a different school. And they are right, I guess. First and foremost thing students take for college is, “No Rules, No Uniform, No Exact timings”. I think movies have really distorted the fact about being a college student.

Well, college is different in many aspects. It is termed as Higher Education which means you are trying to stuff the more logical, practical and professional knowledge into your brain. It will be the education that would directly touch the core interest of studies. Whether you chose Biotechnology, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Fashion Designing, or whatever, you will be faced with problems of that field. This directly states that choice of course at college is very important. Otherwise you will land up studying something out of your interest which, in no way, can help you in building a concrete career.

The statement is easy to say than do. It becomes really hard to choose the most interested study area amongst loads of option. It may happen you have liked chemistry in school, but you were very bad at equating chemical reactions. Then there is no point of getting into chemical engineering field. Try to analyze each career field with all dedication and come up with the minimum list of options. Then Bingo, choose the perfect one.

Wish you all very good luck with your future and along with you, future of your parents & nation.

Mr.Gopal Mathur
Kelvin Institute of Technology