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Kelvin Corporate Research Center

Professional courses are very demanding. Their syllabus are more focused on practical implementation in business, demands that the person must be extra alert for the practices carried out at workplace, he/she needs to be very interactive, must be able to make his/her own social & professional position at the workplace in order to survive the competition, must have the professional attitude towards work and colleagues and the list goes on.

Corporate Research Center is aptly named for a department in Kelvin which works for developing skills and aptitude much needed for student when they will join the world of corporate industries.

To achieve this, we are building our CRC with following unique offerings:

  • Having professionals with industry experience to be on-job for heading & managing the activities of Kelvin CRC.
  • Employing and inviting visiting guest faculty from different expert domain like English conversation, personality grooming, motivational sessions, pre-placement talks, etc.
  • Session and interactive classes by Chairman of Kelvin, Respected Ankit Mathur, who is also a founder & Director of IT Company, Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd., sister concern company of Kelvin Institute of Technology.
  • Industrial visits at places like manufacturing and service firms for providing workplace environment at a glance.
  • Introducing Certification Courses at Kalosoft for Kelvinites to give them a pre-corporate lesson of how IT industry works.
  • Also, inducing Industrial Syllabus in BBA, BCA and BSc.IT for students of Kelvin, which is a practical learning, besides what they learn in regular course curriculum.

Some of these initiatives helps us in developing a professional personality amongst Kelvinites who can confidently face the challenges and offers of the corporate industry & build up their career path of success.

Our Students Wanted to Say

Shubham Dravadian Bhaskar
BSc.IT (Batch 2015-16)
“I am BSc.IT first year student of Kelvin and I feel glad that we have been given PDP sessions right from this initial year of our college. I believe that till the time we will be facing companies for recruitment, we would be groomed for professional conduct. Thank you teachers.”

Manish Dhyani
BCA (Batch 2012-15)
“I was given chance to work on business software at Kalosoft Systems. I got to understand the working of software, know the business model of them and how content is to be developed for promotion of the software. This made me realize that apart from technical programming, there are so many other jobs that can be performed in an IT company.”

Mamta Kumari
BBA (Batch 2012-15)
“ I am student of BBA at Kelvin and to suit my interest I have been assigned a task of developing content of one of the software of Kalosoft Systems, Project Café – A Project Management Software. I enjoyed working on it. Though I find it difficulty in the beginning but gradually I learnt the software and prepared a Take a Tour document for the same software. I have been awarded with an incentive for this work. My first Salary ”

Navjot Kaur Sidhu
BBA (Batch 2012-15)
“I have worked on many different projects for Kalosoft. I was given very interesting work of making tutorial videos for Kalosoft software product called HR Cube- The Human Resource Management Software. Some of my work can be seen at Kalosoft software’s YouTube channel. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFEBjevrto_YjF4YPprayXg . It was so much fun and learning to do this job. And best part is, I was paid for doing these tasks of Kalosoft software.”

Rahul Barthwal
BSc.IT (Batch 2014-17)
class="CRCContentDivStudentSay"> “I feel good about the fact that Kelvin has its own IT company (Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.). In different sessions, I and my complete class was made aware of the internal working of the company, what fields we can choose when we will finish our BSc.IT course and other such things. I think this the best part at Kelvin Institute that we can learn about our future in IT directly from the IT company experts.”

Shivani Bohra
BBA (Batch 2014-17)
“I have been practiced for role playing, mocking interview sessions, team-building activities and many such creative things. They were fun along with learning.”