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Career Scope After BBA

Scope of career after pursuing BBA degree is as vast as the field of administration. There is no place untouched which does not have people who dedicatedly works for administering either people, services and processes of organization.

By now it is clear that BBA graduates have options to work on job profiles which describe work of managing and monitoring administrative tasks. Administration is required at work domains like in all companies, schools, colleges, etc. Type of task that you will get depends upon few things:

  1. Elective subjects studied during fifth and sixth semester of BBA for gaining more in-depth knowledge, like Human Resources, production area, Management information system, etc.
  2. Domain of practical work took while pursuing project work during BBA degree course, like retail industry, production site, consultancy firm, etc.
  3. Additional experience gained while part-time working with any company of some domain.

There are following working domains which one can think of:

  1. Human Resource Management Profile (HR Manager): The HR Manager profile is diversified in respect to the nature of tasks undertaken by professional. Major functions that are expected to perform are
    1. Maintain and update job title and job description for all work profiles.
    2. Recruitment process management.
    3. Conduct orientation and training sessions program
    4. Hearing and resolving employee grievance.
    5. Prepare documents on employee benefits program and spread awareness among employees for the benefits program.
    6. Manage management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending human resource policies and procedures.
    7. Keeping records of human resource of the company, manage current and past employees details
    8. Attend educational workshops and establish personal networks for technical and professional advancement.
    9. Operational work of business of drafting emails, sending formal letters.
    10. Provide counseling and discipline among employees for enhancing employee job results
  2. Marketing & Sales Profile: Marketing executive is the job title given for fresher graduates who join the organization on marketing and sales job profile. Sales executives sell their company’s goods and services. The approach is to acquire potential customers for winning new business, as well as maintaining good relationships with existing clients. They are also responsible for making repeat sales to company’s existing customers. Sales is targets driven industry; number of targeted sales will decide your incentives and perks.

Other similar job role within sales profile can be: sales representative; sales consultant; territory manager; business development representative.

Typical activities for sales executives generally include:

  1. Note customers’ requirements and provide appropriate product or service model to make a sale.
  2. Maintain and develop relationships with existing customers with in person meetings or via telephone calls, emails, on general and special occasions.
  3. Plan meetings with potential customers for getting new business;
  4. Respond to email and phone enquiries by new or existing customers.
  5. Negotiate, if required, over the terms of an agreement for closing sales.
  6. Gathering market trend change and customer prospective information.
  7. Lead and manage trade exhibitions, events and demonstrations by representing your employer.
  8. Troubleshoot the concerns of new or existing customers for maintaining long term business relations.
  9. Provide reports and suggestions of more productive options for enhancing business sales.
  10. Work on preparing official documents that might require to be produced before prospective customers.
  11. Maintain files about the sales statistics and customer details.
  12. Make rapid and accurate cost estimation for customers.
  13. Attend team meeting and share best practice with colleagues.

Finance Management Profile

Major responsibility of a financial manager is to provide financial advice and support to clients and colleagues in order to assist them while making business decisions. Financial managers may also be known as financial analysts or business analysts.

General tasks that this role may include:

  1. Provide and interpret financial information.
  2. Monitor and interpret cash flows.
  3. Predicting future trends and research on factors that may influence performance of the business.
  4. Analyze change and given advise accordingly.
  5. Formulate long-term business plans.
  6. Minimize financial risks with the help of financial management tools and mechanism.
  7. Look and research for cost-reduction opportunities.
  8. Manage financial accounting work of the company
  9. Participate and work with financial auditors at time of annual reviews.
  10. Maintain cordial relationship with relevant contacts example auditors, solicitors, bankers and statutory organisations such as the Inland Revenue.
  11. Preparing and producing annual financial reports.
  12. Budget reports and their presentation.
  13. Supervise staff under hierarchy.

Business Analysts for any domain of business

The prime role of professional at position of business analyst is to help business in implementing methods which would enhance the effectiveness of products and services and directly increases the profit of the business. For this role, company’s look for hiring people who possesses qualities as:

  1. Impressive written, verbal and technical skills.
  2. Conceptual knowledge of the nature of company’s business
  3. Can conduct cost benefit analysis
  4. Leadership.
  5. Should be logical enough to understand business flow.
  6. Must have inter-personal skills.
  7. Confront work pressure.

Business analysts typically take the lead role in:

  1. Understanding business case and assist with its working.
  2. Planning and monitoring various functions of the business.
  3. Generate business requirements along with their feasible solutions
  4. Communicate requirement within the working staff and monitor the correct implementation.
  5. Requirements analysis.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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