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Career in Animation & Multimedia Course

There is variety of career scope and job opportunities in animation field and it majorly depends on the level of your education in the field of animation like is it short term course of 2 months, a diploma course, simple animation software course or a higher level degree course.

The second important criterion is your proficiency and command over the software tools which helps you to create beautiful and eye catching creations. It is also important that you understand the concept and logics well enough to produce something interesting.

It is often said that creativity is the most important part in building career in animation. If you are creative and can think out of the box, the Animation and Multimedia is certainly career choice for you. It is also said that if you can grab a child’s attention with your creativity you are more likely to succeed in the career and the bonus is children will love you. Although these days, animation and multimedia has changed a lot and is much more than attracting just kids. Adults are also taking the same amount of interest in animated movies, cartoon characters, even in advertisements that it has become a huge industry and has high job potential and demand.

Various Job Profiles in Animation

  1. Sketcher/Artist: This is the profile where you have to draw sketches of characters, objects which are used in the background of characters and its multiple changing sequences step by step.
  2. Story Boarding: Here, story is conceptualized and written along with broader view of screens in their proper story flow order. This is the interesting part and lifeline of any animated production as story is main attraction for the audience.
  3. Sequence Initiating: In this, the frames are managed and are combined in proper sequence, to complete a particular series of events to generate a complete scene of production. Here you have to fix the start and the end points for frame adjustment.
  4. Story Writer: A conceptual part where most of the imaginative work is to be done. You don’t have to make screens or story boards but have to write a story of complete film or advertisement production.
  5. Director: The most interesting and difficult part of movie making or short films like advertisement, multimedia presentation and other. The director has to decide which effect and object will move first, at what speed, declare overlaps, maintain sequencing, colors contrast etc.
  6. Graphic Designer: A generic term for a designer in the field of animation. One would be designing things like characters, logos, movie cover pages and other related stuff.
  7. Cartoonist: This is very creative job profile and you might reach sky if you have creative edge for cartoon designing. The talent is inborn and cannot be built. Famous cartoons like “Tom & Jerry”, “Mickey Mouse” and their creators are loved by world, they are rich and respectable man. For this you need to think out of the box and create something that has never seen before.
  8. 2D Graphic Designer: As we know technology is growing very fast and we have 3 Dimensional movies coming up, but in the traditional approach, most of the work is still done in 2 Dimension i.e. considering length & breadth; creating objects, characters in 2 Dimension wire frame is a job profile of a 2D graphic designer. Some of the characters designed in 2D are Chota Bheem, Bal Ganesh, Uncle Scrooge.
  9. 3D Graphic Designer: They are drawn things in 3D i.e. 3 Dimensions , length, breadth and height. These drawings are difficult as you have to mange one more dimension than 2D and it is very expensive too. It takes a lot of time, but growing market for 3D animation is proving it worth of investing time and money. Some examples of 3D Movies are Toy Story, UP, Epic, Avatar and many others. They are the complete 3D animation movies work while there are some which have only some part of 3D animation. To name few, Journey to Center of the earth, Transformer, Pacific Rim and many other.
  10. Character Modeler: The Job profile where you will model the character in its real sense with use of physical materials like clay, sand, sticks and will try to bring the reality in the fictitious characters.
  11. Special Effects: It is quite different domain and is mostly used in film production where special effects are made and applied to look real to make entertain audience. Some of the examples commonly seen on television are scenes of occurrence of Storm, firing from a bullet, car accidents and many such events. Some examples of movies having special effects are Matrix, Wanted, 2012 and many more.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)

Bachelor of Science (Animation)