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Fees 20500 Per Year
Hostel Fees 3500 Per Month
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Fee Structure for BSc.Animation

Explaining Fee Heads

The above mentioned fee structure contains various fee heads. Each one is introduced as under:

  1. Tuition Fee: This fee amount is set for providing services of imparting knowledge for the subjects of BSc.Animation course. The amount mentioned under this head represents actual academic fee of BSc.Animation course.
  2. Dress Fee: College uniform is provided by Kelvin Institute to all its students. The fee amount is charged for providing following stuff:
    1. Trousers
    2. Blazer
    3. Shirts
    4. Tie
    5. Socks
    6. Pullover
  3. Enrollment Fee: Kelvin is affiliated from Uttarakhand Technical University. Students given admission needs to be enrolled with the university. Student will fill the enrollment form provided by UTU and will be allocated a unique enrollment number.
  4. Examination Fee: BSc.Animation course is of six semester term and external examinations are conducted at end of each semester, by UTU. Hence, the examination fee is charged for each semester. The above mentioned amount is yearly examination fee.
  5. Library Fee: Books of management subjects, general awareness, personality development, literature, and many others are made available in library for students to avail. Each student can issue any book for set period of duration. The fee head of library is for providing the efficient library services to students.
  6. Hostel Fee: Separate hostel for boys and girls can made available on optional basis. One can chose to stay at hostel and the amount mentioned under Hostel Fee head will charged for providing:
    1. Accommodation
    2. Basic amenities like washing area, geyser, bed, blanket, etc.
    3. Three time meal i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  7. Hostel Security Fee: A fee is charged as Hostel security which is refundable at time of completing BSc.Animation degree from Kelvin Institute. The fee will only be submitted if student is opting to stay at Kelvin’s hostel.
  8. College Security Fee: Security fee of mentioned amount needs to be compulsorily submitted at time admission in BSc.Animation or any other course at Kelvin. This amount will also be refunded at time of completing the graduate course i.e. after three years.
  9. Registration Fee: Registration form provided at Kelvin’s admission desk or available online, needs to be filled by every student. The fee is for getting yourself registered with Kelvin Institute and initiating the further admission processes.
  10. Transport: Kelvin Institute provides pick-and-drop cab facility for students living in their own accommodation, in Dehradun. The fee is charged quarterly.

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