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Fees 20500 Per Year
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Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA
(Certification In Oil Products And Gas Management)

Fees : Rs 20500 Per Year
Hostel Fees 3500 Per Month

3 year degree course from SDSUV (SriDev Suman Uttarakhand University)

ScholarShip of 15000 for 80% & above in 12th

Hostel Fees

6 Sharing: 3500 Per Month

3 Sharing: 5500 Per Month

2 Sharing: 6500 Per Month

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Interesting career after class 12 for those who belong to commerce background    Read More...

This three year degree course is for those students who want to enter into business domain or want to learn the basics of administration, in business or at personal front. The course is all about learning the basics of business, company, organization and their internal matters of affair. It helps a person to have a broad understanding of various aspects of business like what are pre-requisite for starting one’s own establishment, what are various business domains, what sectors are running around the world in which person can seek its career, what are the job profiles and job roles expected from a business graduate, and other so many administrative aspects.

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Add-on Features

➤Basic introduction to Tally (Accounting Software)


➤BBA with 3 year "Oil And Gas Management" certificate Read More...

What you will learn

  • Basics of company establishment, technical words related to business.
  • Understanding basic economics and finance.
  • Basic administrative ways for running a business.
  • Rules and policies associated with company or business.
  • Subjects like Business Laws, Production management, quantitative analysis, and more subjects that would introduce various job domains.
  • Some expertise subjects (based on your choice) such as management information system, marketing management, human resource management, retail marketing, insurance management, etc.
  • Creating & presenting your reports and assignments in form of presentations.
  • Data gathering and data analyzing in form of real life surveys.    Read More...

Special free Classes> of english language for Uttar Pradesh (UP), Bihar, Jharkhand, Haryana, Uttarakhand Hill Area & Other States   Read More...

Career Scope

Administration is required at work domain like in all companies, schools, colleges, etc. and so is the demands of the people who have learn these basic ways of making other people to do their job.

There are following working domains:

  • Human Resource Management Profile
  • Marketing & Sales Profile
  • Finance Management Profile
  • Business Analysts for any domain of business.
  • Education or business counselor
  • Production Management Profile
  • Job in Retail Sector   

Higher Study Options After BBA Degree in India

After earning BBA degree, following can be good options for higher degree :

  • Two year Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) for which one need to qualify all India national level entrance test like CAT, MAT or entrance test of individual universities.
  • One can choose distance learning for doing MBA from recognized university and can take up part-time/full-time job according to interest profile.
  • One can start doing job of profile of interest and after gaining minimum experience of two years can pursue managerial MBA which is backed up by certain corporate. This will boost one’s career.
  • You can choose for masters degree course in foreign countries; courses like European Master in Management, Master of Science in Management, Master of Public Administration, etc.
  • Masters in specialized domain, as in Master in Retail Management, Master in Marketing Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Chartered Financial Analyst, and many other.    Read More...

Prospective Employers in India

As mentioned earlier, administration is required at every place & work domain. So there are multiple employment options which is based on students expertise & area of interest. Read on the following :

  • Consultancy – Providing suggestions to people or company regarding business intelligence & its associated functions like Hiring, firing, placements, study options, etc.
  • HR Profile – Managing employee and all functions associated with employee of company or firm.
  • KPO – Knowledge Processing Outsourcing (KPO)
  • Business Analyst- Analysing client requirements and making business proposals
  • Financial Firms – Firms like private loan providers, income tax, etc.
  • Banking Sector – Clerical or PO profiled jobs at national or private banks.
  • Production Area – Managing the process of product manufacturing for any company.
  • Marketing for any domain – Marketing & sales of finished products for any concerned firm/organization.
  • Education – Holding administrator position in any educational institution for managing document work and processes like admissions, etc.

Research Opportunity in Kalosoft Systems- Our IT company in India

The students of BBA are given opportunity to know the workflow of running business of our own IT company. They will learn how business is initiated, how to interact with clients, official documents format, etc. The students will practically understand the nature of IT business and its needs & challenges while performing work of administration.

There are many administrative & management work been carried out in our organization like recruitment, training, employee management, public dealing and client interaction, tele-calling, official documents preparation and much more other works.

Real time work profiles after doing BBA

  • Administrative tasks which include administration work of day to day activities in any public or private limited company or organisation.
  • Work at managerial level of different business functions like HRM (Human Resource Management), marketing, finance, IT & their sub-domains.
  • The major content or practical knowledge for BBA students can help them to involve in business activities like making business/project proposals, presentations, contracts, managing client meetings and other similar natured tasks.
  • Management of operational activities like invoice management, bills , performa invoice and other financial & management instruments.
  • Business operational work like managing appointments, making brochure, presenting presentations, scheduling recruitment and training functions, etc.
  • Specialty tasks like accounting
  • Computer operator, working with word documents, emailing, records keeping, software handling, etc.   Read More...

BBA course value addition in true sense

  • The study of BBA will inculcate the real administrative and managerial skills which will help you to become a good manager who can manage its financial and day to day activities correctly with greater efficiency.
  • This course will build confidence, communication skills & appropriate human behavior which is necessary in day to day life.
  • It will help design your personality and persona to make right decisions in various situations of your life.   Read More...

Papers Overview

First Semester (All Papers are Compulsory)
BBA101: Principles and Practice of Management: This will explain you the concepts of business and its practices in day-to-day management.
BBA102: Computer Applications in Business: These days computer knowledge and its application is needed by every person who is entering the corporate world; this subject explains you how to use it.
BBA103: Business Communication: It teaches about the nuance of business communication, which is very much needed to lead the administration.
BBA104: Financial Accounting: Explains the financial methods and teachings at the basic level which is required by all administrators.
BBA105: Business Economics: Teaches about the Indian and the global economy, its trends and analyzing techniques.

Second Semester (All Papers are Compulsory)
BBA201: Marketing Management: In this you will learn about the marketing concepts, trends and activities and how to manage them.
BBA202: Human Resource Management: This subject explains about the HR functions and activities of HR Managers.
BBA203: Business Environment: Explains about the business in local and global scenario, its effects, challenges and benefits.
BBA204: Production Management: It helps in understanding production of goods and services and their delivery and distribution channels.
BBA205: Business Finance: Explains about the financial part involved in business, which concerns all the domains of finance like infrastructure development, taxation, salaries and wages, purchases and other aspects.
BBA206: Basic of Environment Science: Needed by all individuals at personal and professional level to keep the environment safe and clean.

Third Semester (All Papers are Compulsory)
BBA301 International Business: It explains about the trends and knowledge of doing business outside India.
BBA302 Organizational Behavior: This subject focuses on organizational policies and practices used for managing people and in upcoming trends, also referred as people management.
BBA303 Business Laws: The cases, methods, court functionality and government procedures in respect to the business and corporate.
BBA304 Accounting For Management: Subject is effective in analyzing the cost benefit analysis for labor, material, machinery and expenses.
BBA305 Quantitative Analysis: Procedures and functions built to optimize the productivity and efficiency with minimal cost.

Fourth Semester (All Papers are Compulsory)
BBA401 Company Law: Teaches about the laws and procedures with respect to company from its formation and execution of rights in the different type of companies like partnership. Private Ltd etc.
BBA402 Research Methodology: Explains about the research techniques like sampling, surveys and their analysis.
BBA403 Logistics Management: Learning about transportation techniques, management of transport and supply chain management.
BBA404 Marketing of Services: How to sell the services part which includes banking, share trading, education, maintenance and other forms of services.
BBA405 Consumer Behavior: Explains about the behavioral aspects of the consumers and their growing needs and expectations.

Fifth Semester (Three Papers are Compulsory and Two Electives)
BBA501 Business Policy and Strategy: Most needed part of management as it is strategy and policies that defines the business expansions, day-to-day working and other management activities.
BBA502 Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Upcoming and growing entrepreneurship in India have given birth to this subject, to educate and encourage students to form and manage small businesses.
BBA503 Project and Project Presentation/Seminar: Directly or indirectly all students entering into corporate world will manage projects, directly or indirectly and to govern this, presentation and seminar skills are necessary.
BBA504 Elective I
BBA505 Elective II
Electives (Opt any Two Papers as I and II from any one of the following Specialization Groups namely either from Marketing, HRM, Finance or Insurance Business Management, Retail Marketing)
A – Marketing Management Group
M-1- Customers Relations Management
M- 2- Marketing Communication and Advertising
M-3- Sales and Distribution management
B- Human Resource Management Group

H-1- Industrial Relations
H-2- Training and Development
H-3- Wage & Salary Administration
C- Financial Management Group
F-1- Banking and Insurance
F-2- Working Capital Management
F-3- Financial Institutions and Markets
D- Insurance Management Group
IN-1- Principles & Practice of Life Insurance
IN-2- Principles and Practice of General Insurance
IN-3- Insurance Fund Management
E- Retail Marketing Group
RM-1- Fundamentals of Retailing
RM-2- Retail Environment
RM-3- Retail Technology and CRM

Sixth Semester (Three Papers are Compulsory and Two Electives)
BBA601 Management Information System: Dependency and need of technology for management of information in better and effective manner, are covered in this subject.
BBA602 Project Management: Knowing the techniques, software, procedures for managing the projects in various industries like IT, Construction, Retail, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing and others.
BBA603 Viva-voce
BBA604 Elective III
BBA605 Elective IV
Elective (Opt any two Papers as III and IV from any one of the following Specialization Groups namely either from Marketing, HRM, Finance or Insurance Business Management, Retail Marketing)
A – Marketing Management Group
M-1- International Marketing
M-2- Industrial Marketing
M-3- Rural Marketing
B- Human Resource Management Group H-1- Human Resource Planning and Development
H-2- Business Ethics
H-3- Social Security and Labour Welfare
C- Financial Management Group
F-1- International Financial Management
F-2- Management of Financial Services
F-3- Corporate Tax Planning and Management
D- Insurance Management Group
IN-1- Economic Environment of Insurance Business
IN-2- Fire and Automobile Insurance
IN-3- Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Insurance Business
E- Retail Marketing Group
RM-1- Retail Supply Chain Management
RM-2- Mall Management
RM-3- Retail Store Operations and Management

Practical Offerings

Study of three year term include some subjects of practical nature like marketing, production management, human resource management and other alike subjects. For better exposure, students will be given opportunity to visit companies and factories of nearby states of Uttarakhand, like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & U.P. Major nearby cities having the industrial establishment are Haridwar, Roorkee, Nanital, Haldwani, Saharanpur, Rishikesh and many other cities.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)

Bachelor of Science (Animation)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)