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Fees 20500 Per Year
Hostel Fees 3500 Per Month
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Bachelor of Computer Application - BCA
(Certification Course in Solar Energy with Cloud Technology)

Fees : Rs 20500 Per Year
Hostel Fees 3500 Per Month

3 year degree course from SDSUV (SriDev Suman Uttarakhand University)

ScholarShip of 15000 for 80% & above in 12th

Hostel Fees

6 Sharing: 3500 Per Month

3 Sharing: 5500 Per Month

2 Sharing: 6500 Per Month

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Your choice if you have maths in your 12th Standard & want career in computers & its related fields :

This course caters the software aspect of computers in broader sense. Six semesters of BCA course will inculcate a knowledge of working components of computer like its basic physical structure, software that makes hardware run, various programming languages and tools that would be needed by development of computer programs, etc. Apart from software there are other fields too like networking, online business, hardware manufacturing and integration, etc.

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Add-on features

The learning in BCA Degree programme is facilitated with development of live projects in industry in order to deliver practical knowledge to students and expose them to the corporate working environment.

What you will learn

  • Programming Languages like C, C++, Java, etc. to design and develop software.
  • Concept of software engineering and software development life cycle in order to design successful software.
  • Basics of computer organization like internal structure, memory composition, storage, operating system, processor and their attributes.
  • Use of mathematics in computer science for purpose of building logics and algorithms.
  • Basics of computer networks to understand the world of computer connectivity via LAN and Web.
  • Understanding concept of storing and accessing data with the use of database management tools and IDEs (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Some subjects like business communication and personnel management to enhance your organizational and team management skills.   Read More...

Special free Classes of english language for Uttar Pradesh (UP), Bihar, Jharkhand, Haryana, Uttarakhand Hill Area & Other States   Read More...

Career Scope

No one can deny the popularity of computer and software. There is numerous demand of various software like college management software, accounting software, games, etc. Having said that, this indicates that there is wide career scope in being computer application professional

Choosing this course means you can aim to hold any of the following job profiles at the time of on-campus or off-campus placements:

  • Application Developer Profile
  • Assistant Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Team Leader & Project Manager (Though after gaining some work experience)
  • Technical Analyst
  • Web Designer
  • Technical Support  

The above mentioned profiles falls on the ascending ladder which demands experience and work dedication.

Higher Study Options After BCA Degree in India

Being a bachelor in computer application one can further go for following post graduation options :

  • Master of Computer Application (MCA) by clearing entrance exams at national or university level.
  • Masters in Computer Management
  • Masters Degree in Information Management (MIM)
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc IT)
  • G-CAT Master
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications
  • Post Graduate Programme in Corporate Studies (PGPCS)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • Programme in Information Security Management  

Prospective Employers in India

Computers is now a necessity at every area, so does its professionals. After BCA, one can look for following employers or sectors as their career :

  • Government as well as in private firms – Work as web designers or program developers or have a career in systems management. Some government and non-government firms who may or may not be of IT domain, have separate setup for developing software or business related applications. Popular examples are government or private banks which have their own division for managing online transactions and other computer related work.
  • Hardware firms- For production, maintenance or assembling computer hardware components, for B2C and B2B business.
  • Management field - Graduates who have pursued MBA in relevant subjects after BCA will get lucrative jobs in India and abroad also. Some of the fields that BCA graduates can choose for working are
    • Multimedia
    • Software Analyst
    • Bank Jobs
    • Call Centers/ BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing)
    • Computer System Organizer
    • Freelance Writer
    • Graphics designing
    • Teaching Faculty in IT Institutes
    • Technical Outsourcing
  • IT Sector - Various reputed IT firms like Accenture, IBM, Wipro, TCS and Infosys offers many job opportunities for the freshers. They companies may provide opportunity in India as well as at their center in various countries.
  • Defence services – Can be a part of the IT team at defense forces (army, navy, airforce) to manage their computer based data and other computerized equipment.
  • Networking – Companies providing solutions in server management & networking of computers on LAN or over internet.

Research Opportunity in Kalosoft Systems- Our IT company in India

Since the students of this course will be learning programming languages, they will be given an opportunity to carry out research of software development, its life cycle, various platform used in developing a software, etc. The project work can be initiated in the fourth semester of the course (though not compulsory) in which students, under the guidance of industry expert learns the application development from initial phases. Compulsory project completion is on the course during sixth semester of BCA.

Real time work profiles after doing BCA

  • Students will learn various computer languages like C, C++, Java, etc. for programming which will be required by IT companies for development of their software projects or products.
  • Students can take on separate hardware course which will give them opportunity in companies which deals in manufacturing or assembling of computer hardware parts.
  • Not only software developing, but you can be a software designer as well. The major responsibility of a software designer is to make software design of what all is expected to be build. This is done with help of various diagrams like flowcharts, ER Diagrams, Data flow diagrams, etc.
  • Business analysis is good field of work where one is expected to interact with client for their software solutions need and act as bridge between client and programmers.
  • Management of computer networks and working of servers is another good profile for computer graduates.
  • To provide technical support to its software clients, companies need people who possess technical know-how of the software. Hence, this is again a good job profile.   Read More...

BCA course value addition in true sense

  • The course will give you broad understanding about computer world so that you will not remain a computer illiterate in this era of computer.
  • One will be able to enjoy all the benefits of technology and can increase its work efficiency.
  • Having knowledge of better technology will help person to contribute in growth and success of nation.
  • Computer literates can help mankind to grow to newer heights.   Read More...

Papers Overview

BCA101 : Programming in ‘C’: A language use for compiler designing, usually taught in the course to develop programming skills & logics. The founders of this language are Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson.
BCA102 : Fundamental of Computers: Explains about the basic concepts of computers including the hardware and software.
BCA103: Mathematical foundation of Computer Science: Teaches about the mathematical calculations in respect to computer and machine languages.
BCA104 : Business Communications: Understanding the nuances and questions of business communication.
BCAP11 : Programming in ‘C’: Practical of C Language
BCAP12 : PC Packages(Introduction to Operating system & MS Office)

BCA201 : Data Structure & File Organization: Understanding the machine language and its communication with the use of pointers, to manage the storage and performing calculations.
BCA202 : Programming in C++: The advance concepts and programming of C language using object orientation concepts.
BCA203 : System Analysis and Design: Explains the lifecycle of a Project or Product development which includes development, testing, analysis, designing and maintenance.
BCA204 : Digital Electronics: Concepts which explain the logical gates and their use in programming world.
BCAP21 : Data Structure & File Organization: Practical
BCAP22 : Programming in C++: Practical

BCA301 : Computer Based Numerical Techniques: Concepts of mathematical formulas, theorems and their implementation.
BCA302 : Data Base Management System: Formation and designing of database structure in different databases like Oracle, SQL
BCA303 : Theory of Computation: Logical working and Operation of Machine in form of logics and graphical representation of data.
BCA304 : Organization Structure and Personnel Management: Learning the environment of organizations and your own role at a designation.
BCAP31 : Computer Based Numerical Techniques: Practical – writing program code in C language to represent theorems and methods.
BCAP32 : Data Base Management System: - Practical

BCA401 : Operating system Organization & UNIX: Understanding the operating system and its working as a concept, along with Unix System.
BCA402 : Visual Basic Programming: Learn the programming in Visual Basic Language.
BCA403 : Software Engineering: Theory of complete software development life cycle, and its stage analysis.
BCA404 : Data Communication & Computer Networks: Explaining the “Know How” of data travel on computer networks like LAN, WAN, Web.
BCAP41 : Operating System Organization & UNIX: Practical
BCAP42 : Visual Basic Programming: Practical

BCA501 : Computer Graphics: Drawing the graphical images through programming codes like line, circle.
BCA502 : Web Programming: Explains about the knowledge of building and website using HTML.
BCA503 : Management Information System: Discuss about the role and information flow, for the management personnel and its effectiveness in business.
BCA504 : .Net Technology: Overview of .Net Technology from Microsoft.
BCAP51 : Programming in JAVA - Practical
BCAP52 : Net Technology - Practical

BCA601 : .Net Framework: Explains about the platform for .Net which includes runtime code analyser, memory manager, exception handling, etc.
BCA602 : Network Security: Explaining the techniques and methods for network security to help larger organization like Banks, Stock Market, Software Companies to have safe transaction over network.
BCAP61 : .Net Framework: - Practical
BCASM : Seminar: Preparation of presentation on any chosen topic and delivering it to audience.
BCAPR : Project: Preparation of Project on any chosen topic which should be functional and can be presented to the concerned faculty.

Practical Learning

This is purely a practical based professional course in which theory helps you to conceptualize software but actual challenges of this field can be known after the software is practically built and implemented. For this type of learning, following methods will be used:

  • Motivated project using any course subject or computer language, by using resources and expert guidance of Kalosoft Systems, parent company of Kelvin Institute of Technology.
  • Compulsory project in sixth semester of course, which student can develop individually or can approach various IT & software companies in Dehradun or nearby cities & states like Haryana, Nanital, Himachal Pradesh, Rishikesh , U.P. , Punjab, Haridwar, Roorkee, Haldwani, Saharanpur, etc.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)

Bachelor of Science (Animation)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)