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Special free Classes of English Language for Uttar Pradesh (UP), Bihar, Jharkhand, Haryana, Uttarakhand Hill Area & Other States

Special English Classes

English is considered to be business language, not only in India but in almost every country of the world. People from different country need to put special emphasis in learning this language if they do not belong to English speaking country. Apart from family & friends, schools and colleges have their major role in making their students confident enough to understand, speak and write correct English.

In India, some cities or states have lesser exposure for English language than other states. This means, at college, methods to teach English must vary; therefore Kelvin Institute of Technology have added Special free classes of English Language for Uttarakhand State hill area , UP , Bihar ,Jharkhand & Haryana, etc.

The English classes will run throughout 3 year degree course of BBA, BCA, BSc.IT and BSc.Animation. The syllabus of these classes is being divided within each semester of course at Kelvin. You can browse to see the syllabus for English classes that will be included:

I Semester English Syllabus

Basic Confidence Building

Building confidence is first step in learning any language. In respect to English language, the students are encouraged

 For translating their thoughts into simple English words or very simple English sentence and utter them in front of the college mates or teachers,

 Through training over how to convert your thoughts into speech.

General English Assignments

The task of English communication will be achieved by

 giving students general English assignments like reading newspaper, exploring & reciting thought of the day before their class,

 watching youtube videos, television programmes in English Language,

 English movies with sub-titles,

 reading story books, novels from Indian authors.

Spoken English (Basic Vocabulary)

During sessions of basic confidence building and general English Assignments, students will be helped with understanding & using only basic English words instead of reading or using difficult leveled English words, encouraging them to translate simple hindi words or sentences into corresponding English sentences.

II Semester English Syllabus

Introduction to grammar

Working with basic grammar rules of English Language like

 Definition & Use of Nouns, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, etc. in written English

 Use of Articles (a, an, the)

 Singular & Plural

 Prepositions

 Opposite words

 Determiners & quantifiers

Basic rules of written English

There are certain set of rules of writing your thoughts in English language, whether formal or informal. Students will be made aware of these, like

 Use of Punctuation marks as in comma (,) or exclamation (!), etc.

 Paragraph writing rules.

 Capitalization of words

 Indentation and spaces

Pronunciation Building

Pronunciation of English words can only be perfected with continuous use of the words in day-to-day routine. For this,

 students are made to read newspapers, course books, story books, magazines, hoarding, Internet content etc. daily.

 Accent modification (avoiding local language accent while speaking English words example, avoiding to pronounce call as “kaaa-l”)

 Introducing politeness while communicating.

 Proper balance of speed while talking in English.