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BBA in Uttar Pradesh

About BBA Course

The modern Era is all about practical learning. Education system has improved itself from last 50 years towards imparting learnings in fields of business and technology by including more professional subjects and syllabus.

Bachelor of Business Administration (abbreviated as BBA) is a vast extensive professional course which is designed for imparting knowledge about general business administration and management. In India, BBA is usually a 3 years graduate degree course, if taken on full-time basis. It requires minimum of Senior Secondary Education (12th Standard) and the entrance in the college or university depends upon their respective minimum percentage criteria. Do check with college/university’s website before applying for admission.

Popular career options after BBA, in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is the second-largest economy in India after Maharashtra and it contributes 8.406% of Indian Economy. Also, Uttar Pradesh has more metropolitan cities than any other state in India This means it has varied job options, varying from manufacturing to service sector, production to agriculture and entertainment to real estate. For BBA freshers (and experienced too), one can find lots of jobs in small, medium and high scale industries. Here are the sectors where BBA graduate seek to start their career:

Public Sector

Public Sector refers to organizations or companies which fall under either city, state or central government authorization. Since Uttar Pradesh is a large state, there are numerous government setups. To give you a quick understanding, Oil & Natural Gas, Railways, High Court, Agricultural Corporations, Government Health Benefits organizations, are few examples of public sector companies. A graduate student of Management is applicable to apply for following positions. Here mentioned is just one example company, to give you an overview( It is not an actual job link). You may search for the similar enterprises.

Private Sector

Be an employee in a private sector, is another option. According to community.data.gov.in, there were 39,596 active private companies in Uttar Pradesh State by the year 2014 (The number may have increased manifolds till 2018). Like public sector, you have above mentioned career positions here too. In addition to them, there are more designations for BBA in private sector, such as

Above mentioned career profiles opportunities can be available in the following types of companies. We are providing an example from Uttar Pradesh, from each type.

Manufacturing Companies – Uttar Pradesh Engineering Company

Service Industries – Industries in Tourism, Agriculture, Hotel Industry, etc. There are just too many options to choose from.

Information Technology– Omninet Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow

Real Estate – Parshvanath, Ghaziabad

Education– Amity University, Sharda University

Infrastructural Management – Gayatri Projects Ltd.

Entertainment–V4 Entertainment, Noida

Transportation – U.P. Transport Company, Lucknow.

Syllabus of the course

BBA throughout India contains the same syllabus structure. Education system in Uttar Pradesh do include some of the niche subjects in the syllabus of BBA to provide greater exposure towards learning.

Common Classification

Management Subjects



Introduction to Operations Research


For more detailed subject study topics, please refer to the syllabus of respective university.

College Specific Subjects ( Specialized subjects)

And many more. Some institutions go extra-mile to teach you management. For more detailed knowledge of what subject you would be taught, please refer to official website of the selected college or university.

Who studies this course?

You may belong to a modern city of Uttar Pradesh or may come from not-so modern one. This shouldn’t affect your decision of pursuing BBA course. This course demands only the positive intentions and broader thinking. You can go with this course

About the Uttar Pradesh, its cities and their education

It is a fourth largest Indian State. Agriculture and service industries contribute the largest portion of the state's economy.

The state is divided into 18 divisions and 75 districts with Lucknow being its capital.

The state contributes 16.16% of India's total population.


45+ Universities 5 Central Universities
28 State Universities
8 Deemed Universities
IITs IIT Varanasi
IIT Kanpur
NIT Allahabad
Law University National Law University, Lucknow
Polytechnics Total 133 in number
Engineering Colleges Total 121 in number
Industrial Training Institutes Total 150 in number

With such huge number of options, you might get into doubt of choosing the correct one. Narrow down your choice by considering following points

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