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Education is Not Restricted to Classrooms

“There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live” - John Adams

Education is changing the world, since the time its importance has been realised. We would have to agree with John Adams when he wrote the aforementioned quote; apart from preparing oneself for earning bread and butter by using their educational degree, one must take-in the knowledge to live decently amongst the people. Having said that, it is obvious that you must look beyond the classroom teaching for a new perspective of education.

Have you ever Googled the meaning of education? Well! I did, and here is what I was shown

education meaning

The definition #2 made me think more and hence led me to writing this blog. Education is also being defined as “an enlightening experience”. And if you think, you can feel it too.

Let us take an instance; a group of college students from different courses is sitting in a playground during lunch and chatting around. They are discussing a topic which is favourite to every student in the world – about how their teachers behave outside the classrooms. From the discussion, a sports enthusiast got to know about a teacher from another department who used to be a national level athlete. The girl got “enlightened” and thought that they can together make a sports club to promote the sports talent in the college.

This might seem like a simple realization, but it has a strong impact. This one realization has – changed the college culture, open doors for all those who were shy to come forward with their sports talent, bring a freshness in the environment, helped in developing physical as well as mental health, induced the quality of taking initiatives. Furthermore, with actual participation in sports, children and staff learned how to work in collaboration, especially when there is so much gap between the two sides (gap refers to generation, age, maturity and of course, education).

What classroom studies teach you

Courses and syllabus are important to build up your intellect for the subject of interest. You read books and learn the definitions about things that have already been discovered and tested, like about planets, Pythagoras theorem, laws of inertia, etc. Some studies were for general understanding such as English grammar while some others are more career specific, like computer software course. You read them, understand them, memorize them, pass the papers and acquire the degree. You have got a base for earning money in the future. Congrats.

But is that enough? Is that what is required to keep you happy? Think again.

Money is important but not everything

Everybody needs money since this is how the world works; you get your required things in exchange for money. And your well-acquired education will surely earn you that. But there are some other things that are important too, and those can be gained only if you are vigilant enough to experience education outside your classrooms.

What education be like outside the classrooms

Learning is omnipotent – it means, it is everywhere. It is not at all fancy to say Sun teaches us to be disciplined. I can list a few characteristics of education that can only be found outside your subject classroom:

➤ Discipline

Attending your lectures on time is, of course,the first thing that teaches discipline but waiting in a queue for your turn in a canteen further inflicts discipline for the rest of your lives.

➤ The freshness of mind and soul

Activities like sports, dancing, crafting, organising trips, starting educational clubs, performing dramas, etc. is needed to spice up your daily routine. This is important to reduce that pressure of study to get a well earning job. Be a participant; you will never regret it.

➤ Purpose for life

When you choose a particular area for studies, like Management or agriculture, you are aware of your field of work. But when you actually go on educational tours or take up a voluntary work in a farm field, you become double sure if you really see yourself doing what you want to do. Plan more trips, even outside your college administration; ask your elder relatives or friend’s family to give you a glance of a practical world out there.

➤ Social behaviour

We as humans are blessed with all emotions; love, anger, hatred, sympathy, fear, experimenting, overthinking, underthinking, being judgmental, having a difference of opinions, secretive, caring. And every other being is different. Everyone wants to have pleasant surroundings. And it is we who make the surroundings, hence the onus is on every individual to understand social norms & behaviour and act accordingly. The team activities like event organizations, conducting quiz, managing sports event, volunteering college official visits is all that you can look forward to if you wish to be accepted in the society around you. These events will give you some bitter experiences but also some memorable moments. There may be conflicts, an extra rush of passion, heavy misunderstanding, a lot of appreciation, too much of excitement; in short, these events are the perfect amalgamation of all types of behaviour from different places & people and an opportunity for you to learn what and what is not accepted in the society.

➤ Personality that matters

When you open up with your thoughts and opinions on matters other than the academics, you form a unique character. You, yourself might not know that the character existed within you. In the process of getting mature with age and experience, these personality traits will help you in taking right decisions.

You can start building up your personality in school/college from the very first day by taking active parts in induction programmes, interacting with teachers and seniors, exploring about college by questioning or by self-test, be a part of every feasible competition or class assignment without fearing the failure, do not make opinions based on hearsay, and always ready to learn.

➤ Broad understanding of the present and the future

Meeting people and participating with 100 percent attention in various events let you have a clear picture of what is goingon with respect to a career& social trends. For instance, attending a college seminar and listening to the guest speaker who is way ahead in knowledge and experience may give you an insight of what you would need to achieve in life.

You need to come out of your protective web and be fearless in experiencing the things you haven’t experienced before. After all, you have chosen a college to study rather than a home-school and if you haven’t learned this not-so-academics education, you are doing something wrong. Understand the importance of out-of-the-classroom learning that may come in form of sports, practical learning, initiative events, organizing activities, seminars, presentations, representations or just group discussions.

Be a smart consumer of learning!



Priyanka Berry, who loves writing, professionally and otherwise, is the owner of blog called MorningSunshine. She is an expert in writing articlesin various fields like education, product & service industry, software and website portrayal. Her passion for writing makes her to write each piece with extensive research and quality. She is a mother, an optimistic person and has an outgoing personality. Read More...

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